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To anyone who cares, up until now any production on the novel I had mentioned earlier has been mostly sketches and brain storming. Now I am actually beginning production on it, although the actual inking of pages has not yet begun. The story will span 7 different volumes, including the introduction of the story and epilogue. Each volume will run anywhere from 20-40 pages long, meaning the entire collective story in the end could be anywhere from 140-280 pages long.

I have finished writing volumes 1 and 2 and halfway through writing 3. I decided instead of coming up with dialogue while I ink, I instead want to write out a story and then draw using that as a reference. I have also begun sketching out the first few pages of volume 1. When I finish inking the very first few pages, I will open a website dedicated to All future updates for the series.

I really hope people will end up enjoying this as much as I know I will enjoy making it :) for those of you who have no clue what I am talking about, here's a general synopsis of how the story will go.


This is the story of a man named Jack, who has long since the beginning of the story lost all forms of sanity. Human life to him means nothing. Jack considers himself an artist, but not the kind of artist you may think of. He finds art in the killing of innocent people, using all kinds of forms of torture and strange devices he has designed to end their lives. He lives off the money left int he wallets and homes of the people he murders and as far as he is concerned, life is perfect.

One day, however, Jack learns at the hospital that he is diagnosed with a terminal illness and has left than a year to live. Completely crushed by the news that his perfect life will end, Jack decides after a conversation with a physical manifestation of him conscience that perhaps he should repent and attempt to save his soul before he dies. When the thought crosses his mind, however, the ground break apart and swallows Jack into a firey pit below where he is greeted by Satan.

Satan informs JAck that he is a huge fan of his work, and that he will allow jack to continue living and pull the sickness out of his body if he simply binds his soul to hell and continues to kill people. Jack gladly agrees to this and is returned to the world above, able to continue in his killing spree.

Many problems begin to rise for Jack, however. Death himself grows jealous of Satan's new pet, scared that he will be replaced, and rises to the world of the living to kill Jack. Jack's conscience begins to wonder if she can even control him anymore as he slowly drifts deeper into madness with his new found life. A detective who has been on Jack's case for years now finally is putting the pieces together to make his move, but most of all a demonic force is stirring within Jack and growing with every drop of blood that is spilled.

Jack will have to face these complications as he tries to prepare an "artistic masterpiece" while fighting the growing demon within himself.

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